Decon Washes

Professional car washes for maintenance after ceramic coating applications, or chemical/mechanical decontamination washes before paint rectification and coating.

Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning is done with the utmost care with gentle cleaning products and processes used for Alcantara, and Suede etc, to more intensive products and processes (steam) being used for less sensitive areas.

Paint Rectification

Paint thickness readings are taken of all cars in our care with reports drafted, to be able to best assess and decide on the correct rectification process needed. One step to multiple step processes are available for paint in the worst condition to mild swirl removal.


From wheels cleaned on the car to wheels off, full clean and decontamination and coating, many options are available.


We at GAD do not believe in saturating the engine bay compartment due to the sensitive electronics on vehicles these days, so extreme care is taken in cleaning by hand with multi-purpose cleaners, brushes and microfiber cloths.

Ceramic Coatings

For the car lovers out there that like to have a car that stays cleaner for longer and is easy to wash, we have options of coatings for all budgets, from 1 year to 5 year+ coatings, let us assess your needs and quote accordingly.

Show Preparation

We at GAD have had the honour of preparing cars for shows as prestigious as ‘Concours SA’, Ultimate Rides and even for Rmil car give always at Monte Casino to name a few, so give us a chance to beautify your ride for your next car show!

Trim Restoration

Unsightly plastic trim can make you hate and not want your beloved ride, so let us use our expertise and products available to us from world class suppliers and make your plastic and rubber trim look like new.

Product Sales

For all you car lovers, DIYers and weekend warriors who like to do things themselves, (with or without guidance) click on the ‘Online Store’ link and go through to our online shop and buy all the things you need to do the job on your car properly, and feel free to give us a call or mail at any time so that we can help and advise on processes and best practices.

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