• Wheel | Rim + Calliper


Wheel Coating is a highly durable, high heat resistant wheel and caliper protection system that is easy to apply. Once applied, Wheel Coating will create a hard chemical resistant layer that provides UV protection, resistance to brake dust and easier cleaning. Safe to use on:Rims | Exhaust tips | brake calipers | chrome and metal surfaces.


1) Shake well before use.

2) Always wear gloves and a mask when installing a ceramic coating.

3) Using the suede applicator and block, apply 8 drops to the applicator.

4) Spread across the surface using a crosshatch pattern working in a 2 sq ft area.

5) Observe for the rainbow effect (Flashing) and wipe the surface using a new, scratch free microfiber until slick and clear to view.

6) Check for any residue left very carefully and remove straight away.

7) Observe the suede application and swap out if needed.

8) Once finished, wait a minimum 1 hour before applying a second layer. Max 2 layers is recommended for best durability.

9) Maintain using Waxedshine Snow Foam and Aquabead. Keep surface dry for a minimum 24hrs and do not wash for 7 days to allow full cure time.

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Wheel | Rim + Calliper

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