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As far back as 6 years old, I can remember going with my dad to his workshop and helping him to fetch tools and learning how to work on cars - fond memories - and as the years went on, learning how to maintain, and clean the family cars and even learning how to reverse our cars up our narrow drive way, even before I could drive forward!

My older brother started working with my dad doing rebuilds and eventually becoming a panelbeater, and gave me a place in my early teens to earn pocket money helping him and my dad rebuilding cars and delivering them all over South Africa.

I even had the pleasure of building my very own Mk1 2 door Golf at the age of 18, with a 2L 8v motor, some serious mods and side draught carbs, with the car in 1990 making 130kw at the front wheels! My second car baby after my Gold 1980 VW GTI.

Skipping forward 30 years and lots of industrial supply experience, and selling products from power tools, to abrasives and lubricants to machine inserts and tools, to then working for a corporate in their automotive aftermarket division in a Sales Development and Training role, I found myself in a position where I was working with my passion (cars) every day. In this role over a 3 year period I had the pleasure of meeting Chip Foose, Barry Meguiar, Kev Dawg and Dave Kindig and many other automotive geeks, helping my love and knowledge grow to new heights and to me even opening this business.

With my time working for corporates, I have been lucky enough to have been trained in the US on 3 occasions and in the UK, Poland, Hungary and Romania, with 3M and Meguiars. where I am very comfortable in looking after my customers prized possessions.

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Marc Glautier

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